This article will go over how to apply a deposit as a payment for an order.  

Please note that as of June 2022 if an order has a deposit the day of the order the deposit will automatic apply as a payment (after the serve time for the order).  

Below is a video of how to use the Deposit Report.

Below are the step by step instructions of how to use the Deposit Report

1 - Click on the Accounting Tab and then the Deposit Report link: 


2 - Next you will see this page:

3 - If a deposit has NOT been applied you will see the Remaining Balance and an Apply icon.

4 - Click on the apply icon to apply the deposit.  A pop up box will appear to make sure you this is what you intended to do.

5 - You will see a notice that the deposit has been applied and the apply icon will no longer appear for that order:  

6 - You can also filter the report.

7 - Show only Deposits that are:  All; Applied; Unapplied

8 - Location:  choose the location 

9 - As of: this is the date that deposits have been applied

10 - Event Date Range:   select the date range that the catering event occurred on or between

11- Apply Filter:  click this tab once all filters have been selected

12 - Export:  you can export this report into Excel

You have now applied a deposit as a payment by using the Deposit Payment link.