As of June 2022 this deposits are now automatically being applied on the day of the order.  You are not able to apply a deposit to an order until the day of the order.  If you want to manually apply a deposit you can take the steps below, on the day of the order.   Otherwise if a deposit has been added then on the day of the order, after the serve time. the deposit will automatically become a payment.


Order is placed for March 25th at 2pm.   The customer gives a payment on February 20th.   The payment will remain a deposit until March 25th at 2:01pm when the software will automatically apply the deposit as a payment.

This article will go over how to apply a deposit to an order through the invoices link.   This is the method that we here at CaterZen recommend you using when applying a deposit.

1 - Click on the Accounting tab and then click on the Invoices link.

2 - Look for the invoice and you will see that a deposit has been recorded.

3 - When you are ready to apply the deposit as a payment for the order you will click on the Apply Deposit tab.   A pop up screen will appear making sure this is what you intended to do.

4 - Next you will see a notice that the deposit has been applied as a payment.

You have now applied a deposit as a payment to an order by using the invoice tab.