The Marketing Calendar Reminder system is a new tool that will keep you up to speed on what marketing campaigns you should be working on throughout the year by sending reminder texts, emails and pop ups in your software. This article explains how to set up your reminders and notifications. 

Here is a short video that walks you through the following steps:

1. After logging into your CaterZen account, click on the ADMIN tab. 

2. Under Marketing Reminders, click on Configure Marketing Reminder Notifications

You will have 3 choices when it comes to being notified: Email reminders, Text Alerts, or a pop up window when you log into your CaterZen account. You can also use any combination of these 3 as well. 

3. From here, you can select which users in your CaterZen account you would like to receive alerts and what time you would like to received them. There are 3 ways to be alerted: 

A.) Here is what you email reminder would look like. 


B.) Here is a notification of what the text alert will look like. 


C.)Here is an example of a pop up reminder in your CaterZen account. 


4. When you have set up everything, make sure to click Save Reminder at the bottom.