This article will go over how to add CaterZen calendar to your employees Google calendar and connect to the Gmail.   Please note the admin on this account must be the one to turn this feature on.

1 - As the Admin when you first log in you will see that you have NOT been connected to Google yet.  You will want to click on the RED Google Not Connected tab.

2 -  The next page that you will see will allow you to connect to the Gmail settings in CaterZen and the Google Calendar settings.  You will first need to set up your Email Forwarding settings.  

3 - Use this link to set up the forwarding settings:

4 - Note to copy your forwarding address:

5 - After completing step 7, refresh this page and the verification code to enter in the GMail settings will be shown below (it may take a couple minutes to be received). Enter that code in the settings rather than clicking a link as instructed on step 8. 

6.   Next you are ready to set the settings in your CaterZen account.

7 - You will want to check off the boxes for the features you want to sync with.   Once checked off click on the Connect tab.

8 - Once you click Connect - it will ask if you want to Allow the syncing - click on the Allow tab.

9 - You have now been connected

10 - You will now want to Refresh your internet browser.



11 - Next you will want to set up your Email Signature and Google Calendar settings.

12 - For the Signature you can add an image if you like.   Remember to press Save Google Settings after making any changes.


A - To add a image: click on the Image icon

B - Click on the Upload tab - Click on the Choose File tab to locate the file in your computer - Click on the Send to Server tab to add it to the upload 

C - Click on the Save Google Settings tab to save


D - Your image will now appear at the end of your emails.   You can also type out any additional information you want to add.

13 - To add Activities or Orders to your employee's Google Calendar you will want to Check Off the boxes that apply.

A - You can change the Color of the Activities here (default is #A4BDFC - blue).   This will affect the color on your google calendar not your CaterZen calendar.  See below:

B - You can change the Color of Pick Up / Dine-in / Delivery Orders here (default is #A4BDFC - blue).  This will affect the color on your google calendar not your CaterZen calendar.  We encourage you to change the colors of your Order Types.   This will help when first taking a glance at your calendar.

C - Remember after making any changes to press the Save Google Settings tab.

D - Once you are done please refresh your internet.



14 - Next you will want to Sync your Calendar.   Under the check boxes at the top of the page you will see a section for Sync Calendar Starting.

15 - Click on the Calendar icon and choose your Date.

16 - Choose your date and click on Start Sync tab.

17 - You will receive a notice that your calendar has been synced.

18 - You will now want to Refresh your internet browser.



19 - You will know want to go to your Google Calendar.  You will now see to left RCS-Main calendar and then any orders/activities that you have created since your Sync Start Date.

You have now learned how to connect the admin of the CaterZen account to Gmail and Google Calendar.   Remember to Refresh your internet if something is not showing correctly.