In this article we will be going over how to quickly mark outstanding invoices as paid.   You can select more than one invoice at a time to show as paid.

1 - Click on the Accounting tab and then click on the Invoice link

2 - Next choose your Date Range

3 - Then look for the check box either next to the invoice you want to mark as paid. 


NOTE: if you want to mark all invoices as paid click on the check box on the header line.  This will than check off all the invoices boxes.

4 - Once you check off the boxes a drop down box will appear above the header line.

5- From the drop down box you can then select how the invoice has been paid.

Paid (not specifying how it was paid)

Paid by Credit card

Paid by Cash

Paid by check

6 - Once you have checked off how it has been paid you can then click the Go tab

7 - A pop up box will appear to make sure this is the next step you want to take.  Click OK to move forward

8 - It may take a sec or two but the system will than change the balance from what was owed to $0.00.   The type of payment you choose will appear under the Payment column showing the invoice has been paid.   Note:  this feature will pay the full invoice off - you can not mark it as a partial payment.

You have now learned how to quickly and easily mark open invoices as paid invoices.