This article will go over several things for our clients who are using EzCater for delivery orders.  

Note you must be a Marketing Pro Plus member to have access to the EzCater module.

Note that to use the EzCater Module you will need to use the customer called EzCater found under the CRM tab.   Also please note that this customer can not be deleted.  The customer EzCater will automatically be created when your EzCater module is turned on.   To turn on the module please reach out to

Below is a video that will show you the training for the EzCater module.

Below are step by step instructions on the training for the EzCater module. 

First Steps Once it has been Activated:

1 - Click on the CRM tab

2 - Search for EzCater client under the Search tab

3 - Be sure to Add a Phone Number for you EzCater client information 

4 - Note that this account does have the Pay By House Account checked off.   The purpose of this is to be able to keep up with EzCatering orders in the accounting tab.

5 - Then click Save

Taking an Order for EzCater:

1 - Click the Order Entry tab

2 - Under the Customer tab type in EzCater and select the client information

3 - Fill in the order information from the EzCater ticket

4 - Here is an example of the EzCater ticket

5 - Be sure to fill in the EzCater Order Number field

6 - Fill in the Delivery Fee

7 - Fill in the EzRewards Program

8 - Fill in the EzDispatch Charge

9 - Fill in the EzCaterer Service Fee

10 - Adjust the Sales Tax if needed.   Click the Edit icon - adjust the tax - click the Apply tab

11 - ThirdParty Remitted Tax is the sales tax that EzCater is paying.   This will depend on each area you are located in.

12 - Next you will need to add the EzCater Fees.   Click the Add icon.  

13 - Add the Total Charge amount in

14 - Add the amount that is due to the Caterer

15 - Click the Add EzCater Fees tab

16 - The EzCater fee will be added automatically

17 - The CaterZen order should line up exactly with the EzCater ticket


18 - Once you are done with entering in the information click Place Your Order tab

19 - Note none of the templates sent to the client will have the EzCater information included but the Order Details (only for employees) will show that information

20 - When you are under your Overview tab you will see orders for the EzCater client

21 - Note you can see the CaterZen Order Id number and the EzCater Order Id number

22 - Note under the Overview tab there is a Search field for the EzCater Order #

23 - Note all orders for the EzCater can be found under the CRM tab under the EzCater contact information

You have now learned how to use the EzCater side of CaterZen.