The Kitchen Production Report is a very basic report to show your kitchen what food to produce for a single event or order. This report uses Stations to help you. Each item to be prepared has the name of the station responsible for production out to the side. Examples: Pit Station, Front Line, Salad Station, Dessert Station, Etc. All of the event information is included on this report, as well as, a breakdown of how much food to prep for the event. See picture of report at the end of this article. 


How To Access The Kitchen Production Report


1. The Actual Ticket: When you open up a ticket, there is a drop down with numerous ticket functions associated with the specific ticket. Just click on the Production Report link.

2. The Overview Tab: The Overview Tab allows you to pull up all orders for a date or date range. At the bottom of the Overview Tab is a button called Print All Reports. Selecting this button will allow you to print this report, and others, for all the tickets that appear in your overview. This is a great way to print out all of your Kitchen Production Reports for a day or range of days. See button below. 

Sample Kitchen Production Report File Below